Take a virtual tour of the world of possibilities that Impact Profile helps you access.

These short videos will help you get the most out of your experience as you build your Impact Profile.

Impact Profile Overview

New to Impact Profile? Let us bring you up to speed with this quick introduction.

Act Now

Impact Profile puts the power to change the world – literally – in the palm of your hand. Browse ‘Act Now’ to find opportunities to volunteer and events to attend in your local area. Learn how to find an opportunity, log your attendance and ‘check in’ once you arrive.

Inspire Me

Impact Profile is built for you to showcase your positive contribution to a more peaceful and sustainable world. The Inspire Me section of Impact Profile is filled with specially curated content about amazing things happening in your local area and all over the world. Check out this quick tutorial:

Impact Profile and the Global Goals

Impact Profile places your individual actions squarely into a world-wide programme of change and positivity – the Sustainable Development Goals. Find out how your work contributes to this amazing and ambitious project advancing peace, prosperity and sustainability all over the world.