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Nature Labs SEI CMM level 3 certified with experience in designing and implementing integrated IT solutions for crop advisories

1.4 Proven track record in working for the projects funded by GOI or State governments and/ or IFI/Multilateral agencies etc Agricultural command center Government e-Marketplace (GeM), because operational from 14th April 2014, a gateway for the eCommerce portal. Since 2014, Nature Labs has been a trusted market partner for the APMC Sangli, Maharashtra, Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore, Karnataka, Khallini, Himachal Pradesh, and Ulubari, Guwahati, Assam The technology called Predictive Algorithm on Parameter likes market pricing, stock availability was tested in the commodity of rainfed areas in Salem, Tamil Nadu about 58 villages were adapted by Nature Labs trust. Nature Labs has been working as a partner for Tamil Nādu Rainfed Farmers Producer Company (FPO) and has made a sudden chain mechanism between the Ministry of Agricultural through undersecretary, Government of India. The Nature Lab input as Productivity improvement of small millets and by bag after through GeM and sales and distribution system through public distribution system The investment option there unnoticed and taken the policy destination National Bank For Agriculture And Rural Development (NABARD), Karur AGM Mr. Parthiban and Project Team also undergone research as the Proof of Concept for NABARD Head office at Mumbai and included the subject matter expert from small millets Department in Tamil Nadu Agriculture University (TNAU), Coimbatore and got know-how knowledge an agricultural machine for de-husking and designed by Victor machinery Salem. Since the forgotten grain is named God’s grains the project field support is received from the following emanate experts. 1. Scientist Team and sponsors from IBM, APMC, Sangli, Lee Bazaar, Salem. The direct vendors over hundred years between farmers and marketing agencies and direct recruitment from the farmers. a. Renewed organic farming and millet producer Mr. Athappan, ROSE Trust, Pudukkottai. b. Know how trainer as taken from ADISIL, Thirumangalam, Madurai through Mr. Bamiyan c. Late Mr. Nammalvar Kadavur, Karur d. Small millets seed procurement and cultivation pricing knowledge were acquired by 3x5 women farmers and 5 male farmers including 3 scientific officers from International Business Machine(IBM). The Problem Statement: The research data collection of big data and big query from unstructured data with minimal or no formal way of input from unliterary / Nonnative English for the (smart Agricultural) for pricing and value added to the IBM product Maximo and develop a software package for the promoter and sponsor IBM, Brazil. Result Expected: Creation of common brand (“Nature Labs”) certified AEON (Applied engine on Nature) of semiconductor equipment manufacturing Machinery it fully automated controller device with automation tool in Chemical Mechanism polisher for the common software system, IBM. Technical Review The Mnemonic coding is the solution for data acquisition system in feeding the data from formal and in the formal way of data capture techniques compute engine attached in the interface of PCI (Program Control Interface) Optical: The characterization is carried out with the help of the government of India laboratory namely Material science division (MSD) with the help of scientist Dr. Tabash Kurshi lab in charge Pandian, theoretical Physicist Dr. Valsakumar, Mathematical Physicist Dr. K P N Murthy and Brillouin Zone structured of millets sizing crystal polishing of 300mm nano measurement technology expertise Dr. Bris from IBM, Switzerland. The Modifier Laboratory of France was given the first incubation funding and helped their second order differential equation to the optimum value of pressure-volume and temperature and taken the fourth dimension time as a factor in the following equation of Quantum computer with Dirac delta function and De Broglie equation of non-repetition theorem to identify the right combination in getting the market value of compute engine needed for eighty trillion market value with computation power that required to develop the cloud engine and positive way of identifying the possible way of identifying the Q-bit 4. Further, a team of researchers evaluating the new possible materials and as gotten impure the fifth generation with low heat debased and IGCAR material characteristic team as voluntary joint to identify the super field squired for the low-cost room temperature superconductor and das publish quiet of the interesting and shared the confidential information to Nature Labs through nondisclosure agreement. 5. Centre for Advanced technologist research headed by Dr. Shalindar Kumar, Dr. Kukuraja along with Postgraduate Physics students from Central University from Hyderabad and Physics students from Pondicherry University has developed a technique of measuring the non-destructive testing of SI (Silicon) using Nd-YAG and LASER (Light amplification stimulated emission of radiation). The system as follows finding (i) Cubit sticker under the nondisclosure liquid form of material merged in Silicon (Si) bombarded with high-density Nd-YAG with a low frequency (ii) Glancing angle of Helium-Neon (He lasing) as produced a defection directly proportional to the total energy absorbed by the SI material (iii) The shell orbital of KLMN of the famous Quantum numbers “No two electrons can have the same Quantum number and the first time the such theoretical idea is proven under the experiment data i.e. Electron from the outer most shell jumped from the energy acquired under the field of moved from the lower shell to the upper energy level and within the time which is in the nano second before resting back to the original ground level energy the laze power and energy acquired is doubling and hence the following new finding frequency doubling of the Raman effect is helpful for measuring the various optical phenomenal of semiconductor for the spectra molecular (iv) The Certificate of appreciation is carried out by IBM and awarded the biggest semiconductor device manufacture Santa Claus, USA as given the all financial and group of CSV team formed under Tarunbut at 6th Floor in First technology park, White field, Bangalore. (V) With various sponsors of Nano measuring technologists were grouped under the umbrella of Nature labs identifying the right mechanism of low-cost sensors exclusively for BioMedical devices which would be capable for market place sediment and use of nonedible Bioenergy, Bio mask using the Naturally growing seeds like Neem, Ponum, Pungai. The project is carried out through the Board of Biofuel and reduced the bottleneck of viscous generally Bio fuel produce below five and results were published through Tamilnadu agricultural university (TNU) under the research director Dr. Premananda and Nature Lab research team headed by Director of Rattan Tata Trust (vi) The field data carried out by Samai the sponsor’s Tata trust evaluated the regeneration of seeds in Javadhu Malai with the help of farmers’ clusters. In scheduled caste Tiruvannamalai also the agricultural market research input was carefully studied and shared with the buyers’ market in Salem, Yeshwanpur, Bangalore Finds The sensor of the very high heat and climatically resilience the optical study carried out in Center for Advanced Technology. Government of India, Indoor as given a new real-time sensor hallow graphic crystal namely BTO the copyright and pattern are given free of cost the fees only team and the resolution of UN and USN congress registered the market proportional carried out the piece one day on September 21 on World peace day was peace observed 1.5 - SEI CMM level 3 certified with experience in designing and implementing integrated IT solutions for crop advisories Nature Labs Profile - Overview team qualifications and experience Nature Labs is the team of agriculture specialist in food safety and smart agriculture, and technology partnering working in IBM global business service. Nature Labs project in charge of a professional team of consultancy and delivery and fully dedicating ourselves in working on solutions to the agriculture domain. Our team is comprised of 24 FTE with a Bachelor of Science in Information and Information Engineering from University. All the members have solid theoretical professional foundations, an average of 15 years of working experience in transnational corporations also accumulated rich practical experiences in agriculture. Nature Labs joined the IBM Corporation in 2009, after which we began to work on solutions for food and agriculture. After fourteen years of research finally being accepted by famous enterprises and awarded as an innovative solution in food safety and smart agriculture. Aeon Water: Smart water membrane for using big data analytics and to reduce the cost of water in the reverse osmosis process The niche focus on Aeon Water research to identify the coating materials for anti fueling for Reverse osmosis membranes during water purification applications to increase the life of the membrane and also to recommend the possible type of membrane for customer requirement and hence to reduce to cost of production. Develop the use of numerical simulations HPC “High-Performance Computing” and Business Analytics in the Water Area ● Develop new offers: Cloud, BAO, and CoD ● Collaborate with other IBM CoEs and IBM Research and promote the reuse of IBM existing assets for Aeon Water projects The Project focuses on producing the baseline research data on past and contemporary water issues for each city/region and performs technology transfer to bring out Aeon Water Limited, the asset work in business partners. Aeon Water @ Nature Labs will help the manufacturer with mass scaling of the membrane. The membrane is highly compatible with the separation of salt content by Reverse osmosis (RO) Process) through the technology transfer of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Govt of India also mobilized with the funding support of NABARD, Govt of India. The most critical benefit of the proposed research is that it will add new information to the existing body of scientific knowledge about mixed matrix membranes for water purification. If the membranes being tested have acceptable long-term performance, then the basis exists for a new membrane formulation that can be optimized and ultimately commercialized. The ultimate impact of the work is to increase the available technology options for reclaiming and purifying water supplies, with reduced energy demands for that activity. Citizen Nature project will provide advanced capabilities and methods for enabling truly integrated agriculture water irrigation system operation by utilizing advanced analytics, modeling, and optimization algorithms. These algorithms will not only enable better decision support and decision making in every change climatically but would also greatly facilitate tying together the different silos by enabling to take into account the agriculture impact and interactions between the commercial, and irrigation. These capabilities would be provided through a command-and-control dashboard-based management platform, and leverage capabilities from research to the end customer of NGOs. The AEON algorithm follows the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) and IEEE. The software lifecycle started with the CMMI model in the waterfall. In the initial phase of the deployment, it carried near to 2017 and during the steady state, more than 500 resources were deployed to perform the design and implementation of big data engineering. ● The domain in agriculture has taken into the baseline of big data statistical and predictive modeling and optimization. The analytical technology suitable and experienced in CRM analysis and price effective study is conducted with build propensity model potential scoring, product and customer value segment, sales force effectiveness, CRM analytics, web analytics is explored in big data application and Hadoop for streaming the media unstructured data study. The entire app is validated and tested with GOI portals of GeM and statistical techniques using SAS and SAS minor. ● With the data mining techniques classification for predictive modeling, the agricultural data insights and data points sand, water, fertilizer, post harvesting market value, the supply chain is gathered and data is interpreted with a report using the business object, Ab Initio software and Cognos platform. The key perf metric is built in the statistical dashboard which carries the entire agriculture business workflow. ● The leading business analytics and optimization is led by IBM in Aug 2017 to till date with the leading advanced analytics optimization, agriculture media data collected from the various data sources in the portal with 1 TB of dataset collected and optimized 20% for training and 7% for testing. The entire project engagement is supported by Big data and AI with IBM Smart analytics solutions and products.

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