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On-demand and price movements and cropping practices for each rainfed

Project goal of Nature Labs: The goal of Smarter Agriculture is to create an Agriculture Command Centre (ACC): Centralized Cloud-based solution to provide Smarter post harvesting, Price Prediction, Agriculture pricing demand, Smarter energy. Implementation of agriculture cultivation model of Vertex Artificial Intelligence. Facilitating the problem-solving process through the use of Machine Learning. We use IBM tools available from Nature Labs Activity Kits and preach the benefits of millet as a cash crop and a healthy source of food. Using Nature Labs project management techniques, develop and implement an On Demand Community marketing tool that addresses the needs of farmers, traders, consumers, and others, enhancing the perceived value and consumption of millet as food. Among other things, promote new and traditional recipes and the use of millet for feasts and daily meals. During the implementation of the on-field activity, the following works are carried out as a part of data collection and prediction for AEON. ● Collect and analyze soil ● Scout fields and implement methods to control crop diseases, weeds, and insect pests ● Examines fields and adapt crops to specific soils or climates ● Help growers discover the best methods of planting, harvesting, and protection against climate and pests ● Provide clients with agronomic solutions and suggestions for improved results ● Analyses plant health ● Develop reports and present results to farmers ● Keep up to date on all agronomy services, technology, solutions, and trends ● Assure customer satisfaction of products and solutions Implementation of the prediction named AEON for the direct trading between farmers and consumers through Agriculture Command Centre (ACC) Promotion of risk-free farming through Nature Labs Farmers Producer Organisation (FPO). Crop forecasting framework and model incorporating climate (weather), soil characteristics and market information developed and piloted to aid rainfed farmers to make informed decisions, which are gender sensitive and socially inclusive. Brand name Aeon for the value-added Food from Agriculture commodities produced by farmers What is the issue/pain point that your product/solution addresses Ensure the food quality safety. Food industry has its unique features of multiple sources and a long industry chain. Besides, the time-bound and irreversibility decide that it is the hardest to supervise among all the industries. Think about it, food safety will be definitely threatened if any of the problems occur from any part like water, soil, seeds, fertilizer, pesticide, and any processing or circulation process. However, most of the existing supervision systems are the bottom-check style with a low proportion of sampling checks, which disables them to guarantee effective management and supervision during the entire process. The point is, the solution we put forward is to alter the current food safety supervision model, establish entire process supervision according to product categories, and accomplish an information management system for the whole industry chain. Through implementing the system platform planned by our solution, the effective control of the entire food process (agricultural raw materials, processing, storage, logistics transportation, distribution, and retailing) will be easily realized, thus ensuring food quality is safe and reliable, finally realize the visual trace of any sections. Farmers, relevant enterprises, food supervisors, and customers will all be beneficial from it. Improve current situation. The imbalance between supply and demand and the problem of information asymmetry is gaining concern. Due to the cut down of the middlemen, farmers will gain more profit from producing, customers will save more money from consuming. The system platform mentioned in the project can provide a transaction platform for customers, relevant enterprises, farms, and farmers. It is a specially designed trading model that aims at the long agricultural cultivation cycle and numerous uncontrollable factors. It can do inventory transactions like traditional e-commerce (eBay or Amazon), and at the same time, it can do business according to expectations and demand. Provide a platform. The platform is designed to accomplish communication and service for farmers, relevant enterprises, farming experts, and food managers. Interactions of new planting technology, the use of pesticides and fertilizer, the remote diagnosis of plant disease and insect pests, food processing technology, new varieties, and agricultural services can all be accomplished via this platform. The project investigated and demonstrated that in the next decades it is certain that population growth will increase the global demand for food. Such demand, considering an agricultural scenario, should be achieved by improving the way that the plantations are managed by the rural cooperatives. More food, less environmental damage, less water loss, and saving energy are some of the several factors that will be considered to build up an effective agricultural business from a green perspective. Some of the causes of agriculture losses are unforeseen climatic impact, unplanned water for irrigation, and pricing for agriculture commodities. Currently, there are several patches to achieve such optimization and among them, there is the data analytical topic. Data can actually give us reliable information when it is well stored, managed, and, most importantly, analyzed accordingly. Once the correct information is accurate, not less than predictions, preventive maintenance, and quality control are possible to be executed in order to enrich and increase the efficiency of the agricultural market. IBM has proposed Agriculture Solution, Aeon Water, and Demandtec are proposed for Aeon initiative for Farmers club organization and pricing for agriculture pricing.

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